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Against the Odds, Gaudeamus

It’s Gaudete Sunday, the occasion on which we celebrate the near coming of the Christ child.  Yet today, the country grieves over 20 young lives lost. “Gaudete” means, roughly, joy.  But the events in Newtown, CT on Friday make it seem absurd to light the rose candle this week.

Joy seems out of place.  Then again, so was He.  He had no business being born in a barn. Of a human.  With animals for company.

And this is our cause for joy, that he came, boldly, humbly, in the midst of darkness.  When we encounter the darkest grief, then, we look, and he is already there, being Joy where no joy can be found.

So we light the rose candle.  We welcome its gentle glow.  We rejoice that the Christ child chooses to be present amidst such rough and tumble human beings, such turpitude, such hollow grief.  Gaudeamus.  We rejoice.


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