Sunday Brunch

… a feast of photography and prose.

Leaf on Aisle 11

I stopped by the grocery store for some beer.  An elderly woman shuffled past me, dropping something as she went.  I picked up the ruby red leaf and placed it back in her basket.  She had collected several of them.

“Beautiful leaves,” I murmured.

“Can’t get enough of them.  I wish they lasted longer!”

“Me too.”

Fall, I could chase you around the world.


One comment on “Leaf on Aisle 11

  1. Sarah Martin
    April 29, 2013

    Hey Ms. Sloan! heard about your blog and wanted to see it! (it’s cool seeing the world through sloancontacts!) I think your story about the leaf is cute! I like your randomly fun stories! It makes the class seem more personal!

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