Sunday Brunch

… a feast of photography and prose.

The Umbrella by the Door

The Umbrella by the Door (2008) The man kept an umbrella by the door. It had a heavy wooden handle and a deep green canopy. It was a constant companion … Continue reading

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Searching for Mr. Tumnus

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Meticulous Grace

  I tumble into the car on a frosty morning, tired and stressed and in the throes of writing an essay that is already late.  And the water on my windshield … Continue reading

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A Child Will Lead

At the vigil Mass for Mary, Mother of God, I took communion, sat, and closed my eyes.  I rested in the sound of many shuffling steps and bulky coats, a pile … Continue reading

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In the Silent Hours of the Night, Bless the Lord

It’s 3 a.m. and there is a sliver of a moon outside.  It is so quiet.  I’ve taken to enjoying moments like this since I read an article titled “The … Continue reading

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The Lily that did not Mind Death

In order to walk to class, I tumble through a tangled garden path and descend the hill behind our house.  The landscape is neglected and precarious, but I have mastered … Continue reading

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Roman Thoughts: Bad Pictures of the Pope

I was excited to grab a shot of the new Holy Father at this week’s Wednesday audience.  But the photos did not go so well.  Here the two best shots: … Continue reading

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